Menorah, the Beast and 666

Achilles figured himself to be invincible, his reputation for fighting a grand mythical story.

Masons were created to organize occult government and to penetrate indigenous cultures world wide for the explicit purpose of collapsing the host. Like Achilles, these METRIC soulless predators have been formidable, albeit this too becoming a grand myth.

Elite Masons would have us all believe whatever racketeering scheme they come up with is fit for humanity, that we have no choice, and that because people easily bait to food, sex and degenerate entertainment they can be herded in perpetuity, their numbers controlled by deadly mistakes and misunderstandings at the will of the ISO international cohort.

In the past this has been true, but like Achilles, the tap root of Free Masonry, bifurcated Judaism, has an Achilles heel, Rigel, and it is showing itself to be quite an affair in the daily operations of polar fraternal brotherhood of rabbis, Torah and Talmudic Judaism.

For those of you that absolutely believe the Bible was the inspired word of God, stop here. What is left to read refutes this claim on the basis Moses was in fact gay pharaoh, Akhenaten, his consort Nefertiti also a man.

This missive focuses exclusively on the Menorah and the relationship this bears to ONA trafficking in SKIRTS black mass.




7 branch Menorah/original, Kohanim priests= symbol of Jewish people and state of Israel.

9 branch Menorah/Chanukiyyah= commemorative Maccabees over Syrians but is not important to this writing.

SOD was originally the top down view of 7 candlesticks with the 7th in the center.

Menorah was SOD modified to candlestick holder, original hexagram then adapted to a flag logo.

Menorah and SOD are both Orion symbols. Center candlestick represents Alnilam/2, Genesis 6:2/2, Moon (Moon Mansion) composite Artemis/4, Selene/9 and Hecate/7 (497; 2).

Selenes are breeders, Artemis (Cheri Jo Bates, Corinna Novis, Jessica Haslam, Sylvia Marie Flores, etc) curbside sacrifice prevailing in Hecate preeminence.

Selenes breed six bifurcated Judaism bloodlines Betelgeuse through Saiph.

Hecate’s are man hater DRACS and facilitate SKIRTS surrogates, hence sorcery in connection with black mass breeding. We’re talking three thousand Selenes per year with yet another three thousand Artemis sacrificed curbside.

As stated previously, in the case of the LDS church, Hecate’s masquerade solvency with Akhenaten’s moral public (Ten Commandments) via Relief Society.

The sons of God referred to in Genesis 6:2 are Scottish Rite and LDS Melchizedek, God their Orion Alpha, the six surrogate black mass bloodlines of Akhenaten. One of these is Rothschild.

Rank and file Masons/LDS just don’t fucking get it, but their elite do, in particular Order of the Nine Angels cohorts Redlands LDS temple president Gary Evan Baugh, San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis, San Bernardino DA Mike Ramos, San Bernardino sheriff John McMahon, Sun Telegram and four others unnamed.

You see, Rigel, the bifurcated Judaism Achilles heel, is Torah law, their law the inverse of Genesis 6:2 and Alnilam, this administration, as it were, the core of bifurcated Judaism and this duplistic monster’s preoccupation with racketeered trafficking in SKIRTS black mass, and every one of the sociopath fucks mentioned above is aware of this. Corinna Novis (1986) was one of John McMahon’s initiation projects.

People who have studied this know immediately what’s going on in these circumstances, just many researchers are not yet willing to recognize ONA as a part of the international cohort of elite Free Masons who are plundering every domestic host they come into contact with.

Achilles is fucked, this Nephilim warrior’s vulnerability the lie he has used to manifest overwhelmingly large upon a public that is awakening to the reality that unless they too become large (organize) they will otherwise mature the victim population that is the wet dream of every tyrant on the planet, a society of willing victim psychopaths.

Menorah is the celebration of the creation of SKIRTS black mass bloodlines, lighting this thing up acknowledgement that thousands of Selenes were sacrificed to manufacture one of the most bizarre and macabre civilizations imaginable, the satanic black mass world society of the elite bifurcated Jew staffed with debauchery pledged shills like San Bernardino administration and their felon raptor assets street side.

Menorah is the beast, sentimental breeding this monster’s mark on the world via black mass bloodlines the elite are getting ready to use to replace everyone else.

Triptych Cipher, typical


153555= base nine additive sum 6
number of letters= 6
first and last letter= 6 bifurcated Judaism elite

The mark of the beast= selective breeding humans like animals at the will of bifurcated Judaism elite and their pseudo Jew satellites LDS/Scottish Rite Free Masons who control the human resources at the local level to make this possible.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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