Henry Makow/Decline of Literacy

re Decline of Literacy Reflects Plan for World Tyranny

I was doing some research last night and figured out something I thought may be of value in understanding why maintain the public in a state of panic via manufactured false flags.

NIMH stastics rate 1.1% of the adult population as schizophrenic. Child Stats.gov rates 24% of the child population ages 0-17 same.

We know the Mason profiling METRIC= schizophrenic. This is their coveted Orion righteous demon, and they recruit this monster to leadership which thoroughly corrupts domestic infrastructure.

This is how they established the Redlands ONA which is currently involved in SKIRTS abductions regionally all the way to Los Angeles co-opted by San Bernardino METRIC demon team, Sheriff John McMahon and District Attorney Mike Ramos.

It is this researcher’s opinion schizophrenia may be a developmental phase in brain maturity and that education – as part of the maturation process – corrects this thus accounting for a low schizophrenic population rate in adulthood.

This would explain Common Core and a desire to promote immaturity in the mind of the public predisposing people to sustained higher numbers of schizophrenia in the adult population making people even less inclined to think and therefor yet easier to manipulate by the Mason elite.

That’s certainly going down here. This god forsaken population is so fucked up if the authorities that pulled off IRC told the public the perps were Bozo and Captain Kangaroo people would believe it!

Manufactured false flags do promote a kind of schizoid reaction in the public opportunistic for a reactive flash point to invoke marshal law.

Education may in fact be the reason Mason started loosing membership in 1959, the only way to reverse this by coercion to double bind learning and promote schizoid non reasoning in the classroom.

One can reasonably say schizophrenics are naturally drawn to Mason structures partly because of the non-judgmental indoctrination and fellowship being around their own kind, the more affable of these recruited to leadership simultaneously pledged to solidarity via debauchery only the schizophrenic mind can comprehend.

This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. Hell, Governor Jerry Jesuit Brown’s Peter Pan vax legislation condemns 6 out of every 1000 infants vaccinated (35 birth to kindergarten) to death the prevalence of which on the public is Baal.

Public insouciance on this issue and medical eagerness to persuade acculturation is a serious mental health issue registering in the adult population albeit reflective on the Child Stats.gov statistic, in my opinion.


21 December 2015 apparently Makow doesn’t want to be made to appear to much the advocate for the Judah counter culture. See here and my response here

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