Bertram Feinstein was the Zodiac Killer

Picked off this article a while ago. It’s from 25 August 2013 but delivers Feinstein to the public true to her core beliefs that the only good citizen is one that does the shut up.

Feinstein’s occult philosophy no doubt had something to do with Jerry Brown’s subsequent SB227 in response to his having received a letter acknowledging his involvement in child sacrifice. They cope by magnifying medieval.

Legislation restricting free speech is difficult to muster, although parents are not at opposed to doing vaccinations that kill 6 out of every 1000 children vaccinated. Is that KEWL or what!

That’s not a founder’s concept. It’s a Zionist one, anyone beyond the mentality of a sycophant sentimentalist an absolute danger to the snake culture that has slithered into the California legislature.

While Californians are still waiting on Jesus to save and God to punish (dipshit insouciance), team Satan has co-orchestrated an attack on the US via the west coast shoreline and Fukushima (Fuku). It is no secret that Fuku was perped by Stuxnet in a highly coordinated plan that involved the same intel cell that has lofted on Redlands, the Redlands ONA.

Kill baby kill! Californians sentimental on Disneyland are about as alert as Goofty less the intelligence. Feinstein’s baggage claim just came back, she apparently failing remember what she left at the political airport late 1960, albeit she is damned sure motivated to silence independent journo so she remains unfettered by a conscience.

While the reader puzzles over this, know that in keeping with the public telegraph these monsters are notorious for, the people who do this also brag about how stupid the public is, predators one up only because they themselves have not yet met intelligence superior to their own.

Bertram and Dianne Feinstein signatured the following letter via encryption that is not only perceivable to people of average intelligence, this shows that theses people are idiots of sorts themselves and hardly the caliber of leadership one might expect from well educated Israeli dual citizen internationalists.

The initial shock of even considering Feinstein was involved in this nightmare will stop most people from so much as a perusal of this missive let alone spend a couple of hours figuring out where the names are hidden.

The reader is encouraged to point to the names Bertram Feinstein and Dianne Feinstein in this little artifact from the Feinstein family dungeon. The worst of this is the time it will take you to figure this out, your reward a confirmation that there really are devils in this world and that you just learned the names of two of them.

Image on the right bears two clues to help the reader decrypt these names.

esi_feinstein this is the zodiac



Using their own triptych cipher:

Bertram Feinstein
2592914 659512595

2891 91 285 864913 17512957

Bertram Feinstein= Zodiac Killer. Zodiac= Orion= Bifurcated Judaism= Zionist Jews.

Name encryption confirms Bertram and Dianne Feinstein are named in the Zodiac letter cited above:

esi_feinstein key


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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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