SRM/David Icke

Response to David Icke re Dunblane Questions Won’t Go Away

Scottish Rite originated in France based on Scottish legend and is the forerunner of the Mormon (Mormo) church, hence LDS temples (Solomon).

The two individuals that wrote and printed the Book of Mormon were guillotined on other issues related to the French revolution.

In other words, LDS= Scottish Rite Freemasonry and Genesis 6:2 Skirts sentimental breeding eugenics, hence 2, 7, 5, 9 and 27; 5 and 7 (oak leaves)= Druid.

Per FNCS/P t derivatives, black and white= 1, red and blue 13, hence 113, which is also (Latin) leap year solstice/equinox. Latter also= compass and square, thus:




1= the six stars if Orion that form the Star of David corporate logo: Betelgeuse, Bellatrix and Mintaka the downward pointing shield; Alnitak, Rigel and Saiph upward.

They use paedophilia to bait and recruit scum goy leadership willing to do whatever they are told to have access to children for sex. Goy betray their own which makes them easily manipulated. Mainstream look on stupid like people don’t have a clue, and they do not.

Mason’s thus set up a bifurcated Judah-Maso administration composed of Torah aspected rank and file and Talmud core. People in the mainstream only see the philanthropic character of this organization, the eugenics beast as it were well shielded by this front.

Paedo and the notorious SRM elite Solidarity Pledge is what keeps the Mason colleges going, RF SRM/LDS forming their character shield. RF are people they could never recruit to harm children. When their elite get caught, they fade to RF for protection.

Col Russell Williams played into the Judah-Maso recruitment scheme but was not wiling to attack children which is why he got himself caught.

On the other hand Ted Bundy was believed to have perped both young women and children but was so sloppy in his MAG planning, so they had to bring him to avoid detection.

Itzcoatl ‘Izzy’ Ocampo (Placentia) was a perfect MAG pred, authorities alleging he suicided in jail. He probably did not and is the raptor that subsequently perped Gabriella Calzada and Briana Galegos (LA, 25 October 2015).

Public sees the RF RIGHTEOUS masquerade believing this is core SRM, the elite entity behind the mask an eugenics DEMON.

The public is Fabian Society lie be real stupid which is why the masquerade works so well to shield human trafficking for torture.

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