Redlands Stake/LDS 666 Logo Encryption

The Redlands stake was commissioned 4 June 1978. Righteous good works front. Typical demonic human trafficking for torture mission creep. The only purpose LDS elite have in the US is eugenics SKIRTS black mass breeding and periodic disposal via human sacrifice of individuals deemed to be competitive with LDS preeminence, and they telegraph this in their church logo (see end of document).

These monsters are shielded by their extensive well placed METRIC psychopath public administrators (attorneys, judges, state and federal officials, etc.), so they do not give a fuck about getting caught, for obvious reasons. For the record, METRIC= inverse hermeneutic. Too complicated? Every reveal on their operation is challenge to bullshit and mollify the public insouciant, the outcome one typical of a predator and it’s prey, particularly when it’s already too convoluted to understand.

FNCS Analysis Date of Commission (DOC)

4 June 1978 (commission)
> 25- 6 February 2013 (Sylvia Marie Flores)
> 12685D; 4
> 12686D; 5
> 34Y; 7
> 34Y; 7

47= 2
57= 3

23= Atramental Lodge 23
32= Scottish Rite

Sylvia Marie Flores was a SKIRTS rendition project servicing several levels of Scottish Rite/LDS malingering with kidnapping for torture. She was also key SLC on the Redlands 2.7 mile geocartographic linking the Redlands temple to Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs. This put Mormon school Administrator Arlan Anderson on the map in connection with SKIRTS kidnapping in the Inland Empire.

There’s no civics conscience in this region, just a population of happy idiots that spend their days in a 24/7 self-aggrandizing funk with eating, fucking and partying themselves into oblivion. People have a lot of personal reasons for ignoring this, the worst of these that it ‘s so complicated they just put it out of mind so they can keep the pleasure bubble inflated.

4 June 1978 backward in time to 15 January 1947 links yet again to Flores, this mystery date producing a number complimentary to 32 the encryption of which is absolutely identified with Scottish Rite/LDS malingering with the occult, thus:

15 January 1947
> 4 June 1978
> 31Y; 4
> 11463D; 6

46= 1

Scottish Rite 32+ 1= 123

From Pythagoras, T (Tau)= 5 123 636363.

Tau intercept=
S= 4 819 999999
T= 5 123 636363
U= 6 336 363636

Note 1– 123 vertical intercept with Tau 123 (bold). This produces cluster:


Note 2– outlier numbers formulate double 13 w/2 (11) at center, hence 1113, 33 and 6. Also, 11332= 1= Orion Star of David identifying LDS as an administrative function of Zion, this stake commemorated on 15 January 1947 and 25-6 February 2013, human sacrifice no different than Mountain Meadows, people as stupid and easily manipulated today as they were in 1857. No?

For the uninitiated, 15 January 1947 was the day Elizabeth Short was found cut in half in a park in Los Angeles, her right arm bent to form a right angle square (L), legs splayed like a compass (D), the date additive sum 1, or Pythagoras S, hence LDS.

Note 3– Mormon (Mormo) church Scottish Rite 666/32 logo encryption:

esi_lds 666


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