Mary Phagan/ADL


We’ve covered ADL some involved in SKIRTS rendition and human sacrifice as a service asset entity for Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church. Here we take a closer look at how these monsters operate in setting up kill projects.

ADL/B’nai B’rith lofted on Mary Phagan, this researcher pointing to her death having been engineered from birth very likely based upon her birth chart and the name of her perp, Leo Frank. Her name played into this kill by the numbers.

Leo Frank triptych ciphers 8:

356 69152

Phagan’s death 26 April 1913= base nine additive sum 8

This date was the 116th day of year= 8.

8 and 8 are the number of primary stars in the Orion constellation and triptych encryption of same. 88= base nine additive sum 7, or Scottish Rite Freemasons, with which Leo Frank was identified.

Likewise, 888= base nine additive sum 24, 0r 6.

There were 249 days remaining= base nine additive sum 6. Phagan was 13, or base nine additive sum 4+ triptych encryption on name (2)= 6, hence 666. Even a simple minded person could figure this out with a basic knowledge of how of how triptych encryption works.

Also, 8866 (less Frank)= base nine additive sum 1= Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Mintaka, Alnitak, Rigel and Saiph (triptych encryption)= STAR of DAVID.

ADL makes exclusive use of triptych encryption as does the Mormon church.

ADL initiated on human sacrifice made to look like a crime of passion. Mountain Meadows did the same thing for the Mormons, just it was 27 years after the fact to assure this would be a Tubal Cain Vulcania commemorative easily identified with Scottish Rite/LDS elite.

These events were well planned ahead of engagement with the law. Obviously Phagan was 13+years in the making the examples of which are human predation perpetrated by Scottish Rite Freemasons and the LDS church.

Phagan was sacrificed made to look like a murder.

Mary Phagan was literally BRED to this event. Her name produces Scottish Rite numbers 23 for Atramental Lodge 23 and 32 for Scottish Rite proper. The latter is their righteousness philanthropic organization, the former their demonic occult presentation upon the naive public.

Human sacrifice is a pert of their game via solidarity pledge. The correct idea is Leo Frank killed this young women to qualify for Mason status and resources, and of course he fucked up.

2 3 (Atramental Lodge 23)
Mary Phagan
4197 781715
3 2 (Scottish Rite)

Locally, McMahon has fucked up re Sylvia Marie Flores, but today these monsters are more thoroughly networked throughout domestic infrastructure than in 1913. American were hearty then. Today they are lazy and addicted.

To confirm long term planning on human sacrifice involved in the Phagon slaying, make note of the following:

Mary Phagan triptych ciphers 2+ Leo Frank triptych ciphers 8+ James Copley triptych ciphers 3= 283= 13. This event did not just happen on a whim. It was planned well in advance the point of this to commemorate ADL on human sacrifice same as the LDS church did on Mountain Meadows.


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