SABRA Projects

re “SABRA Shmabra. If LDS elite were this bad they would be in prison or on death row.”

You cant fix stupid. The fact is the reason LDS elite are not in prison is because they are shielded from their crimes by Scottish Rite Freemason administrators who work in tandem with them on human trafficking and eugenics projects.

The example given is Sylvia Marie Flores (Redlands 2013) who was groomed from the cradle though the public schools into adulthood as a prostiitute to her inevitable fate as a commemorative sacrifice anchored on the Redlands LDS temple. The public dismissed this out of mind based on her lifestyle.

The public is pathologically insouciant.

Some examples of LDS SABoteur Radical Activism (SABRA) projects:

[  ] administrative detention
[  ] ambiguation of the heart, mind and soul
[  ] assassination
[  ] development of publicly funded police as rendition assets for human trafficking
[  ] attempt to make it appear as though the victim is the perp
[  ] community touchless torture
[  ] degenerate entertainment
[  ] the creation of enemies foreign and domestic in the mfg of false flag events
[  ] investment in the drug trade
[  ] feelings of fear threat assessment
[  ] hegemony
[  ] indefinite detention, sequestering
[  ] invention of non-existent rules to justify unlawful acts
[  ] kidnapping for torture
[  ] militarization
[  ] lawless arrest, detention, summary execution
[  ] make it up as you go along incitement charges
[  ] make it up as you go along denial
[  ] occult/frat hijack, reform, solidarity
[  ] population eugenics
[  ] radical propaganda
[  ] regulation
[  ] rendition asset
[  ] war
[  ] welfarism/Deseret
[  ] tax/mandatory tithe
[  ] teratogenic poisoning

You check the thing above you believe Mormon elite are incapable of. There’s an LDS link to every one of these low life operations in the US.

Comments is open for your asinine response.

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