Triptych Predation


1.1 HRS manifests as predation. The parent concept is coaction- hijack, reform and solidarity a very powerful coefficient triptych.

1.2 The correct use of the HRS triptych is defeat of an adversary no single part of which is effective alone. Hijack forces capitulation. Reform displaces the status quo. Solidarity maintains leadership.

1.3 There is no narrative. Those pledged to the destruction of a target simply follow the triptych. Each phase is three parts.

1.4 The solidarity pledge is the unifying dynamic in this application, pledging fraternal, and the resources are torture and paedophilia.

1.5 Such frat affiliation will only attract scoundrels, which is the point if it. These are motivated to control others and relieve them of their resources.

1.6 Sex baits frat pledges into service, and they are documented perping horrific crimes to make them manageable to a handler.

1.7 Once debauchery pledged, scoundrels are held to pledge accountability for redaction the penalty of which is ruin or death.

1.8 Each part if the HRS triptych involves absolute and non reciprocating radicalization. In other words, the triptych predator does not back off but rather magnifies medieval on the target.

1.9 It bears stating also, in this usage, radical= Satanic, it’s mark the permanent damage done to the victim.

1.10 Alternative methods for problem solving competition are ecological, but people generally bereft of the desire to think will not respond to intelligent agreements that regard pain, boundaries and resources.

1.11 Those who know the triptych posses the ability to throw of the perp, and these mutualy regard one another as equals. In this case, wolves that do not recognize a hellhound become the prey.

1.12 In isolation, a hijack is the same as a con. Singularly, a good example would be a vacuum cleaner salesman. No major damage there.

1.13 Reform generally is a process of upgrading services, tools, products, cultural routines, etc. No damage there.

1.14 Frat HONOR pledging is typically harmless except when some exotic method is used to torture the initiate. These people will organize around some commonly valued belief they wish to preserve and propagate. Generally no damage there.

1.15 The transformative extension of all of this is radicalization the correct understsnding of which is Genesis 3. The forbidden fruit was Eve’s first born daughter.

1.16 The debauchery pledge is the most powerful unifying mechanism of triptych predation ever conceived of. The correct idea here is corrupt to control.

1.17 Although scoundrels will bait easily to sex, due to typically low intelligence, they are not reliable without a fear leash, hence snuff documentation on their pledge crimes to rein them in.

1.18 EMPHASIS Scoundrels make up the bulk of leadership in a predatory triptych system (eg statism of one form or another), the only way for such to exist the public ultimately acculturated via radical propaganda that has no tolerance for intelligence.

1.19 Under seige from a triptych predator, shield’s up and magnify with identified cohorts and bear no unproven insider.

1.20 Durable statist governments work with spies that themselves typically penetrate any flourishing resistance movement via baiting to helplessness, narcissism and charisma (eg Leonidas).

1.21 Key is early education, the mainstream  otherwise predisposed to idiocy training through which the mind is lost to some superficial ideology that regards predator leadership as a God.

1.22 Immense espinage services a predator’s need for radical propaganda to maintain the public stupid.

1.23 Unfortunately, people are more wired to eat, reproduce and party than think, the natural consequence of which is they do not place much value in their psychological survival.

1.24 Key to understanding triptych predation is radicalization of trust, intelligence and morality, all of which are described in Genesis 3.

1.25 A HIJACK con unchecked by a vet breaches trust on the double bind the radicalization of which fleeces the target of some desired resource. The Satan relieved Eve of her garden and enslaved her to Goyim cultivation and harvesting.

1.26 A REFORM surge will loft a scoundrel preeminent, criminalize a person of character and systematically set about to attack the latter’s domestic resources.

1.27 Frat SOLIDARITY pledges three types of corruption: moral (principle), ethical (sex) and philosophical (various types of human sacrifice).

1.28 Much of the development in pirating any culture is the masquerade of the bandit in order not to alert the host.

1.29 In the story of the Amorite and the Inn Keeper, the Amorite has targeted the Inn Keeper’s daughter for abduction, portrays himself as a patron and overnight subsequently absconds with his prey.

1.30 Triptych predation is very fast: con/inkeeper, double bind/stalk, radicalization/kidnap. This method put to use by a solidarity pledged frat cohort is not defeatable least those who would try must be as absolute in principle as Crypto is to control the target.


A scoundrel in this usage is a person of low to average intelligence motivated to aggrandize personal interests in abeyance of the rule of law and whom, with practice, can be controlled by a handler and is also otherwise dishonest.


2.1 One person with an idea is an agent of change. Two such people with opposing views of how things should be changed will compete for preeminance (eg God and the devil).

2.2 Competing entities will organize coed fraternities in order to promote a given agenda. Sororities and fraternities loft preeminent as the need presents to magnify.

2.3 The fraternity is the most powerful of these groups examples of which are soldiers, soldiering held in check by the threat of physical punishment for fleeing the battle field.

2.4 The military fraternity is the most powerful organization in the world: however, religious and political ones are as influencing on the public during peacetime as any army is in routing an enemy.

2.4 Like military fraternities, domestic organizations pledge solidarity. Unlike the military frat, such other organizations do not seek robust capable males but their collective counterpart, the scoundrel.

2.5 People of character will not lie, cheat and steal to surround themselves with resources, but scoundrels will, hence the need for boastful wimps to populate political and religious fraternities what alphas are handlers of domestic control.

2.6 Goyim women capitulate the Garden. Their males follow the sex, which is why intelligent females are culled via SKIRTS. They are troublesome if they think (leadership). The fraternity is the mechanism for asserting control against any competition and is held in check by the DEBAUCHERY solidarity pledge.

2.7 Debauchery pledging documents the initiate against the moral will of the public making this person vulnerable to a justice system that would kill him for crimes perped during these activities the most common example of which is the  SKIRTS rendition of which LDS elite perp at a national rate of six thousand (6000) per year, or two per US county annually.

2.8 Mormon elite are notorious for their debauchery pledging the type of which is perpetual hybrid black mass breeding mainstream Eves, two examples of which were Beverly Potts and Laurie Lynn Partridge. There are others.

2.9 Such a frat enterprise that perps human trafficking for torture does not concern itself with the law and instead makes up it’s own, usually economic or theocratic, and employs the use of highly trained apologists and intelligence cells to diffuse the public.

2.10 In the past, frat advocates were Intel attaches. Today’s advocates are media.

2.10 The precedence setting biblical frat is the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Lesser Males (Adam) are deligated to their women, Eve, and acculturated to find fault with God’s plan, patriotism, and morality thus installing the confused mind set of a pledge undergoing induction.

2.11 Why a serpent motif? Treachery and the cultivation of trust for betrayal, female capitulation the threshold over which the male will follow, and opportunity to set a permanent barrier to restoration of human dignity.

2.12 Teach morality against the backdrop of treachery, masquerade noble cause to gain the confidence of the public and install scoundrel leadership, and entire regional populations will come under the control of a small cohort of frat predators.

2.13 People are simple minded to a fault. They are carefree and do not think about their circumstances deeply enough to effect a community alert on corruption let alone SYG rule of law against a Crypto surge.



3.1 Crypto elite have to keep their numbers small, otherwise the organization will become too bureaucratic, domestic terrorism the alternative to a system so completely overwhelmed by predators it would collapse without this.

3.2 Small group, replicate throughout domestic structures and bifurcate, and the HRS terrorism projects are endless. People acculturated moral and ethical in the forefront never suspect they are being preyed upon, scoundrel leadership itself doubling up the masquerade and parading itself preeminent… and lethal.

3.3 Any taxpayer funded Crypto administration lacking public oversight is dirty. Reserve funds can be used to traffic in domestic terrorism that simultaneously sets up an opportunity to solidarity pledge.

3.4 Take for example the strange police slayings of seemingly innocent people. A target is identified, slaying ensues, victim’s family receives a damages payout that is the price they  are willing to accept for the loss of a loved one to human trafficking for torture.

3.5 In other cases they just perp the murder and blame the victim examples of which were Cheri Jo Bates (1966), Corinna Novis (1986) and Sylvia Marie Flores (2013).

3.6 Whistle blowers are given the same considerstion as any other target. When such a person sounds the alarm, all points converge, just rether than structured as a solidarity project, the process is designed around the use of a group of adhoc felon assets that pepper the target with annoyance opportunistic to set off a confrontation for police action on the victim.

3.7 Typically Crypto will set harassment snares throughout the community using a network of provocateurs that engage various forms of annoyance. Crypto assets are like reserve military. They are activated when needed and otherwise kept busy in jobs which embed them locally.






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