Divine Protocol/Metric Demon


Cell existence and differentiation produces different parts of the body in various life forms, replication, maintenance and catalyzing, performed via DNA, RNA and proteins.

DNA is highly stable and responsible for long term storage and self replication. RNA is synthesized from DNA and is highly unstable. Proteins catalyze metabolism.

Macro molecules are the foundation of all life forms on the planet, the only difference between bacteria and humanity, system complexity, presentation upon the environment and Divine expression.


Think of a cell as a temple or lodge and in this case what demonic body has been created from it. The latter lends itself more to a proletariat making it user friendly, the former rightfully a threat to Protestant fundamentalists who, unless acculturated to theocratic mission creep, would realize there’s a Satan on the make, this devil’s developmental engagement represented in structural, managerial and worker components akin to macro molecules.

Like the biological cell, this demon mimic manifests a survival triptych: 1) a highly stable master entity, Scottish Rite Free Masons, 2) an unstable albeit highly reactive Mormo unit, and 3) the domestic catalyst for processing unification, Order of the Nine Angels (ONA).


Scottish Rite sets the precedence for self replication the manifestation of which on the public is the obscure temple, this architecture subtle and characteristically embedded in communities not unlike it’s surroundings. This makes it less threatening to the status quo.


Mormo presentation is highly radical, albeit the public is diffused via charm offensive and punishing on women the proof of which was the thirty years engineered Mountain Meadows massacre, Old Bishop and the highly controversial war on women. Charm gets them over the threshold. Offensive is their radical inversion upon their victims.

Worker Assets

ONA is a stealthy catalyst and precipitates and magnifies domestic reaction without itself undergoing any permanent change, because it’s not readily visible to the public with the exception that is does present cartographic in connection with events it was designed to perpetrate.

The latter carries out rendition projects approved of by Kahal councils originating with Mormo and the Scottish Rite.


ONA is highly active in Redlands and is seeking out two female University of Redlands victims, past or current, bearing the Orion astro-cartographic in their birth charts to complete the 2.7 mile ONA geo-cartographic anchored on the the Sylvia Marie Flores abduction, Redlands Mormo church and Melchizedek controlled Katherine Finchy Elementary school in Palm Springs, a project San Bernardino sheriff John McMahon and DA cohort Mike Ramos are intimately aware of, since both of these METRIC demons asset perped Sylvia Marie Flores.

UR off campus student housing is TDC ONA. The lower part of the Redlands ONA geo-cartographic was completed on Laurie Lynn Partridge (1974) and Flores (2013). The rendition featured to complete this project is identical to that of Flores.

For those who are reading this and trying to make sense out of the narratives, you are staring your nemesis straight on, your inability to perceive this monster blocked by this METRIC psychopath’s disarming smile, in Ramos’ case his child-like kindergarten disposition which changes quite a bit when he’s hoovering over his victims cloaked in priesthood realia and bearing his occult Athame, and in McMahon’s case this METRIC’s compensated disposition which bears even worse when he’s thrusting his knife on a 23 year old prostitutes.

These monsters are staffed with CSI, forensic psychologists and detectives, virtually all of whom will dismiss demonic prevarication not because there’s no evidence, but because they are FBPO/ONA networked to shield Ramos and McMahon from their felony crimes. Also, because there’s no civics oversight in the public, these creeps can do and get away with whatever they want.

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Interstellar dust ball affectionately named earth receives message from God: "So, I noticed you folks like drama. How about a round of Comet Halleluiah?"
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